MF Tecno Packaging Systems, a MIAL Group company, has been operating for many years in the agro-livestock equipment sector and can offer a wide range of automation systems for the transport and packaging of loose products.

Even if recently established, MF TECNO was immediately appreciated by its vast clientele, both at national and international level, due to its level of innovation, reliability and the high quality of its technical solutions.

The skills and experience of our technical department guarantee customers personalised and specific solutions, capable of meeting all requirements.


This is the motto of a medium sized company, with major ambitions that never wants to lose sight of its main objective: Customer Satisfaction.


L'Azienda di Mf Tecno - packaging systems

The MF Tecno plant, situated in Tordandrea di Assisi (Perugia), covers a total surface area of 8000 m2, 5500 m2 of which are indoors.

With 80 employees, most of whom are technicians specialising in assembly and support, machine tools operators and mechanical and electronic engineers.

Being attentive to renewable energy, since 2010 the company is equipped with photovoltaic panels, capable of guaranteeing coverage for 50 % of the company’s energy requirements.

Work Philosophy

La filosofia di lavoro di Mf Tecno - packaging systems

The use of work centres based on numerically controlled machine tools, laser cutting machinery, press-forming machines and a wide range of state of the art tools, enables MF TECNO to internally manufacture 100% of its mechanical parts used to build its machinery.

This production philosophy provides a series of advantages for customers, since they can count on the highest qualitative control of the components, on total inter-changeability of these components and at the same time guaranteeing maximum production turnaround, for new machines and any spares parts.


La progettazione di Mf Tecno - packaging systems

All MF TECNO products were researched and designed within the company. For this purpose MF TECNO can count on a large team of specialist designers and technicians, capable of completely manufacturing any machinery.

The company includes a specialist mechanical technical office to create executive drawings, installation drawings, exploded drawings and tables for use in manuals. The ability to customise various equipment based on customer requirements ensures an added value for the company.

The electrical and electronic technical office, responsible for the manufacture of electrical drawings and the functioning software used in the systems is made up of young, skilled engineers. The flexible to use programs enable their implementation on various types and brands of PLCs, according to customer specifications.

This office also covers the tele-support service.

A young company

Un'azienda giovane fatta di giovani - Mf Tecno - packaging systems

If it’s true that a winning team must be made up of young athletes, with lots of energy, strong motivations and plenty of ambition to win, we think a company must ensure its competitiveness by focusing on young people and their qualities.

This is why 80% of our collaborators are less than 30 years old and why, under the guidance of our technical and professional experts, they are destined to become the real added value in our company.


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