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Bagging Machines for Open Mouth Bags

A wide range of Automatic and Semiautomatic Bagging Machines and lines

IABA 600
Mod. IABA 600 for medium production. Suitable for any type of application.
IABA 600 F
Mod. IABA 600 F for edible flours and other foodstuff products.
IABA 600/S
Mod. IABA 600/S suitable for packaging of granulated products, pet-food, fertilizers, plastic granulates
Universal 1000
Mod. Universal 1000 for medium to large production
Mod. MF POUCH 3000 for small and medium pre-formed bags, of any shape
Serie DR
Mod. DR PN/PL for low to medium production. Suitable for any application.
MF-CF 1200
MF-CF 1200 carousel bagging machines. With four or six rotating filling spouts
MF Tecno has developed a series of Bagging machines for packaging loose products of any nature and format

Sacchi a bocca aperta The many years' experience in the Open Mouth Bags Packaging sector has allowed MF TECNO to develop a series of Bagging machines for packaging loose products of any nature and format.The variety of products and types of bag materials present on the market mean continuous research and development is required in order to make the most suitable solutions for our customer's needs available.
Sacchi a bocca aperta For this reason, MF TECNO can propose an extremely vast offer and take both the customer's production capacity and the various problems related to the products to be processed into account.Our objective is not limited to offering the most suitable plant for a certain type of packaging, but is real consultancy, which allows us to recommend the most suitable type of package, choice of materials and closing system to our customers.
Sacchi a bocca aperta Just like in the construction of a plant, we do not stop at the accuracy of repeatability of the packages, but special attention is also given to its aesthetics and to the ability to preserve the site in which the plant will be installed, with particular reference to the elimination of pollution of any kind, both acoustic and atmospheric.
Sacchi a bocca aperta The range of bagging machines that MF TECNO can offer goes from the simplest semi-automatic packaging machines to the most complex and specialised automatic bagging lines; all distinguished by the same attention to detail and the customer's needs.Sacchi a bocca aperta


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