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Automatic Bagging Machine: IABA 600/P


User-friendliness, Efficiency and Reliability are its main qualities!

iaba600piaba600P LATO1iaba600p LATO2 The latest in the open mouth bagging machine line for medium productions.

Particularly suitable for:
? edible flour
? powdered products
? fluidified
? other foodstuff products

Below find the main qualities that distinguish it from the rest:
? Possibility to work flat bags and bags with lateral gusset from 5 to 50 kg.
? Perfect sealing for powders thanks to the particular hermetically sealed filling mouth.
? Easy cleaning of parts in contact and prevention of “cross-contamination”.
? Product compacting devices to eliminate excess air.
Efficiency is guaranteed by the particular handling of the packages: the bag passes from the filling area to successive closing with a "step" movement on relevant belt conveyors, while it is guided from the top by a pair of transfer arms. In this way, it is also possible to easily work unstable and fluidified products in maximum safety.
Reliability: top quality components combined with the strength of the structure, which over time has transformed into a completely closed solid structure, ensure maximum reliability and make it the ideal tool for all those sectors where it is essential to prevent emissions of dusts into the work environment, both owing to toxicity of the products and for problems connected to the ATEX Directive.

Iaba 600/F

Detail of the bag "step" movement on the closing line, with detail of the upper transfer device.

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