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Iaba 600/S Automatic bagging line for open mouth bags, suitable for packaging of granulated products, pet-food, fertilizers, plastic granulates.

Usually equipped with heat-sealing systems for bags of heat-sealable material, the IABA 600 / S can be equipped with devices for the elimination of excess air, with lateral compactors able to give the bag squared shape with important advantage for the palletising. The various devices are mounted in sequence, so the bags standing can be treated on subsequent stations until getting the desired result. Each bag moves from one station to the next with handling “step-by-step”.

Transfer speed is guaranteed by servo-assisted movement with brushless motors.

Simplicity, efficiency and reliability, its main features!

Iaba 600/SHeat-sealing device for bags in laminated materials, with sealing station by “warm bar”, with electronic temperature control and cooling station.
As an alternative to the “warm bar”, according to the material of the bag, the IABA 600/S can be equipped with heat-sealing bars “impulse” type.


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