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Pinch-TopThe "Pinch-Top" bag is currently widely used in the milling and chemical industries; this bag, in fact, equipped with side gussets and glued bottom, has the advantage of taking, once filled, an absolutely regular form, recalling the appearance of a parallelepiped, entirely similar to what happens with a valve bag.

MF TECNO has developed a system for sealing "pinch-top" type bags, reliable and economical, able to equip both semi-automatic lines and automatic systems.

The pinch-top bag is sealed simply by reactivating, by heating, the glue already present on the top edge of the bag itself, after having folded it, subsequently pressing the fold to obtain the perfect sealing of the mouth.

There are several advantages that guide the customer towards this solution, such as the perfect tightness of the sealing, the absolute lack of supplies to consume (sewing thread, crepe paper, adhesive, etc.), the maintenance of the sealing device which, as opposed to an industrial sewing machine, is practically reduced to zero.

Moreover, when not using the device of the “pinch” fold it is possible to use the thermo-welding machine that equips the line to weld bags of various dimensions, with or without handles, provided that they are equipped with internal polyethurene, even partially.Pinch-Top


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