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Electronic weigher net weight dr-pn series


Sistemi di DosaggioThe "net weight" weighers, designed for medium high production, dose the product in an appropriate weighing pan that, once reached the desired weight, unloads the product into the bag through a discharge hopper. The weight is recorded by electronic load cells, usually connected to the weighing pan and transmitted to the electronic apparatus of the weigher.

Sistemi di Dosaggio• WEIGHING SYSTEM
Air-fight load cells complete with special securing supports.
Element introduced to sucks up the dusts inside the weighingpan.
Made of press-formed sheet metals including carbon steel. Protected on the outside by powder paint to prevent contamination by external agents.
Of the weigher with the filling machine, complete with base plate and reinforcements, is made of press-formed metal sheet; the fine-tuned geometry ensures good flow of the product.
Fit with a double hatch at the bottom which opens pneumatically to totally discharge the batch weighed.

Electronic weigher gross weight dr-pl series


Sistemi di DosaggioSistemi di DosaggioSistemi di DosaggioThe “gross weighers”, used for medium low throughputs, dose the product directly into the bag. The weight is recorded by electronic load cells, usually connected to the filling spout.
They are characterised by the reduced parts in contact with the product, allowing easy access for inspection and cleaning. As for the net-weighers, even for the gross- weighers one can use different types of dosing systems, depending on the products that are to be treated.

The use of gross-weighing systems becomes necessary each time you have to pack products with a high degree of fluidity, which tend to absorb a lot of air during the dosing and filling steps. To remedy for all this you resort to a vertical auger doser, able to “accompany” the product in the bag in a fast and precise manner, avoiding that it absorbs air, exerting an action of lamination on the product itself, in this way it will result perfectly compact at the end of the dosage cycle.

The vertical auger dosing system offers two different solutions, depending on the product and on the structure of the doser:

- standard weighing in addition
- weighing by weight loss (by subtraction).


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