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"MF Tecno" Palletizer


Robotic palletizers mod. PCA SMART

Cartesian Palletizer mod. COMPACT PCA-400

Cartesian Palletizer mod. COMPACT PCA-400/TWIN

Telescopic Palletizer mod. COMPACT PCA-700

Robotic Palletizer with Top Loading mod. PRC-1000/6C

Layer Palletizer mod. PSM-1500/S

Anthropomorphic Palletizing Robot mod. IRB-460

Fast and Accurate movements for absolutely perfect packaging!

The choice of the "line end" is of particular importance in the configuration of the packaging line and it is for this reason that MF TECNO offers a wide range of palletizers, which are able to meet the different demands of its customers.
The final aspect of a pallet is related to its stability, the final objective of our job.
The capacity to realise an absolutely stable pallet, independently from the shape and consistency of the packages to palletize, has pushed us to look for new solutions that allow us to obtain a perfect result.
Our “research and development” dept. have developed a series of compact and flexible machines, which can adapt perfectly to the customer's types of packages and pallets. They are easy to position in any company so as to allow customers, which have abandoned the idea of automatic palletizing up to now, due to obvious reasons regarding space, to install this plant.
The result is a technologically advanced, flexible, reliable product but with a very high quality: price ratio.
The use of top-quality components, the preference given to mechanical movements, the use of brushless motors controlled by relevant drives and the attention given to management electronics, makes these machines safe and reliable, with no fear of comparison with any other palletizer present on the market.
Fast work and accurate positioning; two qualities that we have been able to combine perfectly in our palletizers.


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