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VERTICAL PACKAGING MACHINE mod. MF-52/CVERTICAL PACKAGING MACHINE mod. MF-52/CVERTICAL PACKAGING MACHINE mod. MF-52/CThe continuous evolution of the materials and packaging elements used in the packaging industry requires the possibility of creating bags with double block bottoms, which result compact, without air and perfectly square packages in small, vacuum-packed, and perfectly square packages. For this purpose, MF TECNO has developed:

the automatic Carousel to be combined with the MF 52 series Form Fill Seal machines

After the system receives the filled and partially-closed bag from the vertical packaging machine, a series of devices work together to eliminate the excess air and close the package, after which the upper flap is folded over top of itself and fastened by label, thus creating the double square bottom.

System Modularity
The device’s modularity allows for the various types of products to be handled in such a way so as to obtain the desired degree of compactness, and even provides for the possibility of including a series of additional devices, such as:

• Open and close sticker applicators • Markers and printers • Labelling machines

Based on the packaging machine with which it is combined, the Carousel can be equipped with a series of customisations dedicated to the type of product to be packaged and the specific format to be created.

In addition to the aesthetic appeal of the package itself, the greatest advantage of using double square bottom bags lies in the elimination of air from the package itself, thus resulting in an increased product shelf life, while at the same time making it easier to combine the packages in boxes or heat shrink bundles.
An additional reduction in the amount of oxygen contained inside the packaging can be obtained by performing the filling operations in the presence of nitrogen or binary gas (modified atmosphere).


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