Machines for Weighing, Bagging and Packaging Frits and Pigments. Ceramic frits and colouring pigments, remember: NEVER MIX COLOURS!


confezionatrice verticale fritte e coloranti

Various solutions are implemented on our packaging machines to obtain this result :

1. Smooth surfaces with perfectly joined parts, to avoid possible product retention phenomena.
2. Injectors for compressed air insufflation on various components of the weighing system, such as: connection flanges, weighing pan, levers, unloading hoppers, intermediate shutters, etc.. all to eliminate any processing residue.
3. Self-washing systems using high pressure water injectors, arranged for the various product passage channels. The resulting water is transferred, via an inlet-bag, inside a drainage tube and then evacuated. Possibility of drying the various parts in contact, after washing, by injecting dried, warm air.
4. Total accessibility to the various units composing the dosing system, operating by screw, by belt or by gravity.
5. Treatment of the surfaces in contact with the products, to avoid their attachment and reduce their abrasive effects. Such treatments range from polishing of the hopper walls, to treating the dosing machine screws using a passivation procedure, to treating the sheets with Teflon (adhesive, sprayed or with a thermo-plastic treatment), to coating with aluminium tiles or manufacturing containment walls in plastic (technical polymers) with a low coefficient of friction.
6. As well as easy access to the various weighing units, add the extremely simple dismantling of the unloading cone which, in a few seconds, can be removed to enable unbeatable, easy cleaning.


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